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Sr. No.Loan TypeRates
1Education Loan10.50%
2Hypothecation / POD Loan
1 Lacs - 25 Lacs13.00%
Upto 25 Lacs12.50%
Upto 50 Lacs11.50%
Above 1 Crore9.70%
3Gold Ornaments Loan11.50%
4Govt. Securities (NSC/KVP)11.50%
5Two Wheeler Loan (NEW)12.00%
Two Wheeler Loan (OLD)13.00%
6Car Wheeler Loan (NEW)8.99%
Car Wheeler Loan (OLD)12.00%
7HP1, HP2 & HP3 (Three Wheeler / Other Four Wheeler/Machinery/Household) Loan
Under 1 Lacs13.50%
About 1 Lacs14.00%
8Building (Resident) Loan
New Construction / New Purchase9.50%
Building Purchase / Renovation10.50%
9Building (Commercial) Loan13.00%
10Mortgage Loan13.50%
11Doctor Loan Upto 50 Lacs9.75%
Doctor Loan Above 50 Lacs9.50%
12F.D. Against OverdraftINTREST RATE OF F.D. + 1.00%
13Jatjamingiri Loan12.00%
14Special Jatjamingiri Loan upto 1 Lacs12.50%
14Unsecured Loan (Surety loan)12.00%
15Government Employee11.00%
16Cashcredit Loan13.00%
17Solar Rooftop/Electric Vehicle10.00%
18Swanirbhar Loan9.90%

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